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In this new four-part video tutorial series, Dubspot Instructor and Native Instruments DJ product specialist Mike Henderson aka DJ Endo breaks down everything you ever wanted to know about Native Instruments’ Traktor 2 preferences. Throughout the series, Endo will be exploring Traktor’s inner-workings and explaining the myriad of features and creative DJing possibilities Traktor offers.

In part 1 of the series, Endo walks us through Traktor audio setup and timecode configuration, revealing all the nuts and bolts and showing you how to make Traktor work the way you want it. The following summary is a exert taken from Endo’s previous mega-post Traktor Pro Preferences Guide (which you can read in its entirety here

Tiger Stripes – Crossroads [My Favorite Robot Records]
Tanner Ross - B side [No. 19 Music]
Odd Parents – Silk & Wine [Ellum Audio]

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