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Thanks for checking back in everyone. Here are my custom mappings for the Traktor Kontrol S2. I hope you enjoy the effects that I have mapped to the controller. These are meant to help you transition between songs seamlessly and also give your tracks some extra flavor. They work great when mixing mashups with acapellas and beats on the fly.



These mappings are for Traktor Pro 2 and will only work with versions 2.0 and above.

1. Download the mappings
2. Open Traktors Preferences
3. Click on Controller Manager
4. Save your mappings if you have any
5. Click the big import button on the bottom and import the mappings
6. Close Traktor and reopen it
7. Reimport your mappings with the small import button in the controller manager
8. Enjoy!

Note** If you are having issues with the effects not loading properly, try reimporting and restarting Traktor a couple of times. Traktor has issues importing new mappings from other systems so a couple reimports and restarts will do the trick.


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