some Basic kick TUTORIALS in Fruity Loops – – ProBeatzMaker

– 0:31 How drag and use a kick (sample) in your FL ( easy )
– 1:57 How pitch the kick inside FL (easy – medium)
– 10:10 how create a melody that fit with the bassline (easy)
– 12:10 how to make the bassline LONGER (with time stretching and edision editor in FL) (medium-hard) See result in 15:48

Hi everyboddyyy ! long time didn´t see you hardstyle family ! i was very bussy and now i have a pair of “free-days”. Of course, hardstyle production is one of my biggest and favourite hobbies and show you some tricks is a pleasure for me. Here i show you some tips to work with sampled kicks . In this video you can see how drag and open a sample ( a hardstyle kick in wav format ) easily, how to pitch , how to separate the bassline and the “attack” or punch. We can see how to make a bassline longer (usefull to make introduction in your melody ) and another “special tips and tricks” that maybe you did´t know . I take the opportunity to present you a pair of melodies at the end of the video that i want to upload soon and if you want you can finish / update. We talk soon . I will send you a download FLP link when i upload the track into a server. Thanks ! hope your comments and ideas !

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