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Http://www.MichelleLeeEntertainment.com If you’re a beginner DJ, you may not know that you can loop speakers together. Meaning – you can connect them to each other in order to play music from both (or all) of them, while only using one output. You may come into this scenario when you want to set up numerous speakers for an event. Or, if you just need to open an output for something else.

In this example, Nathan Barta and I were getting ready to practice our DJ & Drums. We wanted to record our session to listen to where we could make improvements. Yet, Nathan’s drum module (I don’t play drums which is why I didn’t know what it was called) didn’t have an extra 1/4 inch output for us to plug into. In order to open up the output to record, we decided to loop the speakers using a female to male XLR cord. First, we took the 1/4 inch to 1/4 inch cord and hooked it from the output of the drum module to one of the input lines on the back of the speaker. Next, we used a cord with XLR connectors to hook up the speakers. We took the male side and hooked it into the output of the first speaker (the speaker that would be receiving the music from the drum module). Thirdly, we took the female side and hooked it into the second speaker so it would also receive the music from the first speaker. Lastly, we needed to switch the button on the back of the speaker from “Mix” to “Loop”. This would allow the music to come from the first speaker and loop to the second.

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