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http://bit.ly/WM_MultiTracks_01 (WickieMedia)
http://bit.ly/WM_MultiTracks1 (dropbox)

**** We’re very sorry for this, but this is again a re-upload of the mixing tutorial uploaded a few days ago. There was an sync issue halfway through the video that is resolved with this upload. Enjoy! ****

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We’re excited to present this new series : Mixing Like A Pro.
In the first episode we’re going to mix a basic band recording which we’ve done at Redbull Studio’s, especially for these tutorials. The great thing is: You can download these multi-tracks (for free!) so you can mix along using the same tracks as in the tutorial.

It’s a fairly simple arrangement, with a total of 14 tracks. -This has both it’s pro’s and con’s as it should be quite straight forward to get a mix with, but the limitation in drum-tracks however can be quite challenging.

In this first episode we’re really touching on the basics of mixing. We’ll learn how to get a simple mix using only a few basic ingredients and in this mix we are limited to using levels, panning, EQ, dynamics and some reverb. This way we’re really getting a feel of how to mix a song.

As we proceed throughout this series we will mix various music styles, challenge larger projects to mix with and explore a lot more mixing techniques and processors. We hope you will be as excited about this project as we are!

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