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This is a full review of the great free DJ software Mixxx. The software works as an alternative to Traktor and Virtual DJ with features and interface. Works for both PC and MAC.

The software was developed for users that didn’t want to pay for a premium software to use as their primary DJ software. I myself am a DJ who perform on several clubs per month. I’m using Mixxx as my primary software on these gigs, since I feel like it’s working as it should, and the features it has fits with my setup.

Beginners may have a hard time trying to setup everything the first time, but when you have everything set, you will feel like it’s a piece of cake. There are some free mappings for several setups available on the internet, so if you don’t want and don’t have the knowledge to do it manually, just search the mappings for your setup on google.

If you happen to have any questions about Mixxx, feel free to PM me.

Cheers and Enjoy.

**Note. I’m not taking credit for the video, it’s made by someone else.**

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