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Dance music pioneer Danny Rampling gives a basic, easy to understand tutorial of the Mixed In Key Software which enables you to quickly and simply analyze your music and create perfect harmonic mixes.

Danny shows you how to add tracks to Mixed In Key, how to analyze them and how to use the results using the Camelot Mix System to create harmonic mixes.

This is a superb bit of kit that has won a number of accolades including:

DJ Magazine: 5/5 Stars
Awarded “Best DJ Tool of 2008” in the annual DJ Mag Tech Awards

Get this really easy to use bit of software that will add huge value to your DJ sets, quickly and easily.

Also please see our new video, which is a tutorial for the newly updated version of Mixed In Key. Click on ‘my videos’ and you’ll see it there.

Thanks for your time: I hope that you’ve enjoyed this


“Most Innovative Product of 2007” award nominee.

International DJ Magazine: 5/5 Stars
“IDJ Approved Innovation” award winner.

We hope this is of use to you. There is also a new version of Mixed In Key on the market, so please check out Dan’s other tutorial for those of you who have the latest version.

Happy mixing 😉

To learn more about DJ’ing check out Danny’s new 348 page ebook which summarises 25 years at the top of the game, sharing every tip, trick and tool he has learnt.


To order Mixed In Key and get more information please visit:

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