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Scratching shouldn’t be difficult, and I believe you can use anything to scratch with, so in this tutorial being a 2 x Time DJ Champ, I chose to shoot this video on a basic DJ Controller, so everyone can learn!

In this tutorial you guys will learn the baby scratch. Now this scratch is the most fundamental scratch there is to learn. You really have to get good with this scratch in order to do the more advance ones. This scratch trains your eyes, and record hand to get used to the movement, and to the sound of scratching. And in my opinion, this is the most important scratch you can learn.

The baby scratch is basically you moving the platter forward and backward. That’s it. It may sound simple enough, but getting used to it and making your movements rhythmic is the big challenge. So take your time, and move your platter hand to the tempo of the beat. Try your best to make it clean and precise.

Steps to learn:

1. Scratch the beginning of the sample
2. Know and master the position of your hand on the platter so you know where the sample is
3. Make it rhythmic

Once you’ve learned it and feel confident in it, try altering the pitches of the scratch, and in that way you can make your scratch sound more unique but more importantly, funky!

When I started out scratching I didn’t really build my basics up with this scratch. I went straight for the more difficult ones, and I regret it. If i had only focused on doing this one scratch then learning everything else, would’ve been far smoother and quicker!

Scratching on a controller is a little different than scratching on a CDJ or turntable, but it doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you can use it.


What is Scratching?

Beats and Samples

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Equipment Used:
1. Sony A6500
2. Rode Videomic Pro
3. Pioneer DDJ-RB
4. DJM – S9
5. Final Cut Pro
6. Zhiyun Crane

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