How to Make a Simple Mashup with Serato DJ Intro – – ProBeatzMaker Check out DeeJay Shelly vs. DJ Rock G in this simple video tutorial where we will teach you an easy way to make a mashup.

Who should watch this video?
This video is designed for any DJ who wants to learn how to create a mashup. While there are many ways to make a mashup, we will teach you a simple, step by step way to create your first mix.

Equipment & Software we used:
1) Serato DJ Software
2) Numark N4

Songs we selected:
1) Team – Lorde
2) Off The Books – The Beatnuts (Instrumental version)

Step 1: Select two songs with similar BPMs (Beats Per Minute).
Step 2: Adjust the BPMs using your pitch fader.
Step 3: Choose the vocals of one song and the instrumental of the other.
Step 4: How to begin the mix.
Quick Tip: Isolate the vocals at certain points in the mix by using the cross fader.

Link to the mashup:

We want to hear your feedback. Was this tutorial helpful to you? What other topics would you like us to cover?

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