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One of the best things I started doing when I first started as a mobile DJ, was to collect the email addresses of all my clients. One of the best ways to earn repeat business, referrals and update your clients about your new services is through email marketing. (In this video I just discuss email marketing. However, I now also connect with people though all my social media sites; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Email: Why? What? How?
Why collect email?
Through email marketing campaigns you can:
1) Remind clients you are a DJ. People are busy. If you are the first person on their brain they’re most likely to refer you rather than go on the hunt for another DJ. They already know you’re good! And they have your email right in front of them to contact you. No brainer!
2) Update clients about new and exciting services, or events! If you don’t tell them, they won’t know about all the SUPER COOL things you do!
3) Feature your events through photos and images so you can show potential clients how much FUN you are!

What do you do with them?
Create email marketing campaigns.

How do you do this?
You can use free methods such as a Word Document or posting text & images in an actual email. However, there are a bunch of services out there which allow you to easily create awesome looking campaigns. Yes. They do cost $ (Constant Contact is around $30/month) yet they are worth it, if you use them correctly. My Constant Contact Account has already paid for itself and more.
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Other tips:
1) Subject line is SUPER IMPORTANT. If you don’t grab them with the subject line, they won’t open your email. All your hard work is lost. So make the subject line your number one priority.
2) Don’t always sell. Give your readers another reason to read your newsletter. Make it fun and entertaining so they look forward to it.
3) How often? This is up to you. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly – how ever often you send it make it on the same day/time every time. This way your clients get used to it coming and hopefully look forward to it.
4) “People say weekly is too much”. I’ve had people say this to me. I’ve also had people tell me they look forward to my newsletters each week. I’ve booked numerous jobs just from my newsletter. If someone feels it’s too much. It may be because they receive a ton of emails. Let them know, “No hard feelings. I’ll take you off my list. Or, they can just unsubscribe. (Another reason I use Constant Contact. It allows readers to do this).

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