How to be a DJ: DJ Tips – How does a DJ pick songs to play? Playlist Tip #11 Go Big! – – ProBeatzMaker Keep in mind, when I use song examples in my videos, I try to use songs most people/DJs are familiar with hearing/playing. However – the songs you choose to add to your playlist will depend upon the type of event you’re DJing. Since most people are familiar with Top 40 – or songs that stood the test of time – I tend to use these as examples so everyone can relate. If you’re playing for an EDM crowd I’m not telling you to throw on the Cha Cha Slide or Old Time Rock n Roll (of course you never know! LOL). These are just examples because most people are familiar with these songs.

I’ve included some additional examples in the description below. Thanks!

This is DeeJay Shelly’s Black & White Series on how to create a great playlist. Knowing what song to put on your playlist next may not always be in black and white. In this video series for beginner DJs (or anyDJ) I want to share with you 15 tips I’ve learned in my 15 years experience as a DJ on how to create a great playlist.

Playlist Tip #11: Go big! Start off each dance set with a big song to get your guests back on the dance floor.

For example, you’ve just played a slow set, or you’re DJing a wedding and they just finished the parent dances, throw on a really popular song to get everyone back up and dancing. Another example, you’re DJing a club or bar and they’ve just made an announcement, or maybe they’ve just run a raffle. As soon as they are finished, bring the energy back to a high level. Play a big song to grab everyone’s attention back to where it needs to be!

What happens when you start off a set with a not so big song? You tend to lose your audience. They won’t be really excited to get back to dancing, so they may go back to mingling, eating, or head outside, etc..

What is a BIG song versus a SMALL song. Well it really depends on the type of event you’re working. How to select a big song is to go with something everyone is familiar and is/was a hit. This is not your ACE song (or best song of the night) but this would be your King or Queen. In baseball this would be your first or “leadoff” batter.

Example songs/artists: If you are playing Hip Hop go with – Jay Z, or Biggie/if you are playing EDM – David Guetta/Top 40 – Beyonce, Pink, Katy Perry/Dubstep – Skrillex. These are just examples. What I do is always prepare ahead of time. I think of 5-6 songs I may use to open each dance set. Then based on how the night is going, I either use these or switch to something else I think is more appropriate.

If you have DJ’d an event where a song/s have worked well for you please leave a comment below. Also share with us the type of event. Thanks!

Over the next few weeks I’ll post 15 different short video Quick Tips to help you create a great playlist so you can be a better DJ!

I hope you can take away at least a few ideas, if not 15, to help you along your DJ career. If there’s any other topics you’d like me to cover please post below. Thanks for watching! – DeeJay Shelly.

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