How to Be A DJ: DJ Tips and Advice from Elite World DJ Rich Media – – ProBeatzMaker Wearing a hat like Rich Medina may not make you a better DJ, but listening to his DJ Tips and Advice might!
I was so honored to have the chance to interview elite world DJ, Rich Medina! “The Man With The Hat”. What do I love about Rich, more than his DJ advice? He’s so down to earth and SUPER COOL. He welcomed Christine Angeline and I into his home to hold our one hour interview. His record collection is amazing. His family was even more welcoming. It was a great day!

Sometimes this business can be tough! We all have those times when we feel a lack of inspiration and/or motivation. In this short clip from our video interview, I ask Rich, “What gives you inspiration?” His answer? The music! After watching this interview again myself, I thought, “Yes. When all you want to do is play music, the music is all the inspiration you need”.

What else did we talk about? TROUBLE SHOOTING! Do you know what to do when something’s not working? Knowing how to fix an issue with your equipment is extremely important. Although, Rich and I both agreed, most of the time it’s not the equip, it’s us! Hope you enjoyed today’s video with Rich Medina! If you did, please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and tell other DJs about my channel! Thank you for your support! DeeJay Shelly

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