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In the first video, DJ Endo and DJ Shiftee take you through the three levels of Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2 program from the crucial and fundamental DJ skills such as beat-matching and blending two songs to advanced techniques and tricks like applying chained effects, harmonic mixing, and live remixing on the fly. In Level 1, students will get an overview of the technology of DJing and its development from turntables until today, basic navigation and customization of Traktor’s intuitive interface, utilizing it’s internal mixer, learn how to count beats, dropping on the 1, setting cue points, beat-gridding, beat-matching, blending two songs, performance tips, and more. In Level 2, students will learn about song structure, how to count bars, craft seamless mixes that are not just in sync, but in phrase after an understanding of the theory and application of phrase mixing — “dynamic conversation between two songs”. In Level 3, they’ll develop an arsenal of distinct mixing techniques via advanced EQing, effects combination, harmonic mixing, and other techniques.

Don’t miss out on part 2 below.

Dubspot’s Online DJ Course: Digital DJing w/ Traktor Pt 2- Sample Lessons w/ Shiftee & Endo – http://youtu.be/uKfJ05WPklY

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