Dubspot Maschine Tutorial Pt 1/3: Composing a Track Start to Finish w/ Mr. Invisible’s Justin Aswell – – ProBeatzMaker

In the first installment of this three-part video tutorial series exploring the creative production and performance possibilities of Native Instruments versatile groovebox Maschine, Justin Aswell of the innovative Charlotte, North Carolina-based hip hop group Mr. Invisible explains and demonstrates how to create a track from start to finish using only Maschine! Justin starts by loading and trimming drum breaks, in the process he offered some basic sampling and slicing tips and techniques. He then proceeds to record a bassline using a MIDI keyboard (although, you can “play” a bassline using the pads on Maschine.) Furthermore, Justin shows more production and sound-shaping tools Maschine offers, including some advanced sampling capability and effects processing.

Check out part 2 “Maschine Tutorial Pt 2/3: Mr. Invisible’s Justin Aswell – Finger Drumming Techniques” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylb5Cafrixk&feature=share&list=SPaCF_SBpY13yQTmetpxWaV4WgKlGf1LGr

Check out part 3 “Maschine Tutorial Pt 3/3: Mr. Invisible’s Justin Aswell – Live Performance Techniques” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vmgNRtjkNM&feature=share&list=SPaCF_SBpY13yQTmetpxWaV4WgKlGf1LGr

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