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A tutorial explaining how to use the effects on a DJM-600. Some of these same effects are found on other Pioneer mixers such as the DJM-500, DJM-700, DJM-900, DJM-1000, DJM-2000, and even a few others.

Unfortunately, as of early 2014, YouTube annotations are not visible to mobile viewers, only to users watching on desktop browsers. I use annotations quite frequently to post clarifications and additional information during the video. For the best educational experience, you might prefer to watch this video in a desktop browser rather than on mobile, unless YouTube eventually fixes the mobile annotation deficiency.

All music used in this video is music that I own copyrights to. You can download the tracks for free if you want from my SoundCloud page:

Bolivia – Global Underground (Gregg Morrish Remix) – Vocal Trance:

Bolivia – Global Underground (DJ Nard Remix) – Tech-House:

Bolivia – Global Underground (Cozmic Cat Remix) – Vocal House:

Bolivia – Global Underground (Pitched Senses Instrumental) – Tech-House:

Bolivia – Global Underground (Gruman & Piller Remix) – Vocal Prog:

Bolivia – Global Underground (BassQuake Remix) – Vocal Tech-House:

Bolivia ft. Mike Allison – When I Grow Old (Radio Edit) – Indie/Folk:

This is part of the “Learn To DJ” video series by Jonathan Clark, who is well-known in the industry as DJ Bolivia. To see a list of other DJ-related tutorials by DJ Bolivia, go to:

You can also learn more about Jonathan Clark at these sites:
Main site:
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